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People mostly know me as Kate “The Queen of DIY projects”. I am literally obsessed with any type of craft for every type of occasion! Late last year I was thinking about creating a blog to channel my love for DIY projects and I decided the best way to do so, would be by making a blog completely filled with Christmas DIY crafts. So here are all my awesome posts that I’ve gathered from different places and even created on my own! I hope you enjoy it all and bring the fun into your life with these cute favorite Christmas projects of mine!

Christmas is the most popular celebration for decorating your home. It is also the time make and to find Christmas crafts. While it is easy to buy some ready-made Christmas crafts and decoration, it will be far more fun and festive making your own special Christmas crafts. You can make Christmas crafts from a variety of materials. If you like to work with word, you may cut a usual holiday design such as Christmas trees, snowmen or Santa figures, spending more time to paint in order to bring life to them. Many websites that are offering free pattern in making these items, or you may print an image form your PC and use them in creating your own pattern. If it is your first time to work with wood for your Christmas crafts, you can start simply, by cutting out a rectangle to make a sign for your guests. You can paint stars or trees, and print out your wish for them or some saying.

If you would like to get into the spirit of holiday, you can try your hand to make wreath Christmas crafts. Christmas wreath is always a good idea for crafts on Christmas. The best example is Poinsettias made Christmas wreath for the season. White and red poinsettias will only be swelling in your doorway. You can also punctuate the wreath with leaves. Christmas ornament is also great craft ideas. Ask the children to make little gingerbread men using colored paper with hard brown color or you can ask them to have plastic canes of candy to be used in spiraling in blue and red satin ribbon. Alternatively, they may also make Christmas stars that are glittering as you cut out paper shaping a star and stick golden and silver glitter on them.

Santa hat is another of the groovy Christmas crafts that you can buy or make. You will only need a red cloth, fluffy cotton and a glue in order to get the Christmas craft real. You can fold the red cloth to a conical shape and then stick the edges. Next, have the top of the conical shape cloth glued with cotton ball and some in order to border the circular base. There are so many Christmas crafts. Why don’t you let your children to crafts out cute little angels this year? Ask them to draw angels on the construction paper, and help them to stick the dress fabric with light blue or light pink. You may color the eyes, hand, and finally cut it in your doorway in welcoming your holiday guests. They will definitely appreciate the cherubic welcome.

For the older kids, they can craft out big snowmen or Santa as they will surely be a peachy Christmas crafts. Ask them to have the body of the snowman with 2 big sacks and then cover it using lots of cotton. Put a carrot as the nose and the eyes would be from cranberries and then your snowman is all done. Christmas Day is a festive time, and to make or buy creative crafts will absolutely add to the special feeling for this time of the year.