6 Tips to Care for Glass Ornaments

For those who love glass ornaments to hang during the holiday season, they are not alone. Often, these glass ornaments add a richness to the decor that cannot be found with plastic ornaments. And they are usually extremely vivid in the way that they are colored. This is why glass ornaments are so special for people to have. 

With proper care, they can easily last for years to come and become something that is passed down from generation to generation. That is the beauty of glass. However, as with everything else, passing these down to other generations means that you must take care of these glass ornaments now!

  1. Handling ornaments should be done carefully as you do not want to drop these and break them. However, also consider that you should wash your hands before handling these. The natural oils on your hands as well as any dirt/debris can actually smudge the glass. And if you have smudges, cleaning these with something that is abrasive can affect the paint. 
  2. If you must wipe these down from year to year, do so with a soft cloth. Try to avoid using any type of cleaning agent, as this could affect the paint. If you must use something damp, try to go with just water. Be careful not to scrub too much, as you can affect the paint. 
  3. Watch out for condensation near the ornaments. This is a huge problem and often happens when these are in storage. For that reason, try to store these in an area that has humidity-controlled. 
  4. Put silica gels or even coffee grounds in the boxes that you store these ornaments so that excess humidity is absorbed. 
  5. Also, wrap these with acid-free paper or a soft cloth to avoid the pieces hitting together. All it takes is one little hit and these ornaments will break. 
  6. Avoid getting these ornaments wet, even when they are in storage. Getting these wet can damage the paint, and if they are wrapped when they get wet, the paper can stick to these causing the beautiful craftsmanship to get ruined.

With these 6 tips for caring for your glass ornaments, you should be able to use these from year to year and they will always look brand new. Plus, it is a way to ensure that they are passed down from generation to generation.

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