7 foot artificial Christmas trees

A beautifully decorated artificial Christmas tree can make a place feel alive and festive. While the decoration contributes a lot to the perfection an artificial Christmas tree emits, having the tree fit in the available space contributes to the overall perfection. Artificial Christmas trees are not just purchased to feel among, they also require careful consideration of various factors before a decision is made. One of these factors is the height of the tree. The height of the tree must be proportional to the available space. The tree must be too small else it will lose its impact and mustn’t be too big to cause distractions. 

Most people prefer to buy the 7 foot artificial Christmas tree because it fits in the average-sized living room. 

It is important to ensure that the space between the ceiling and the top of the tree is between 1.5 to 6inches. For a 7 foot artificial Christmas tree, 9foot ceiling is a perfect size. With the space between the tree and the ceiling, you get to have enough space to hand other decorative materials. 

Some perfect 7ft artificial Christmas trees to buy include;

  • 7ft Weeping Spruce Artificial Christmas tree
  • 7ft Kingswood Fir Pencil Artificial Christmas tree
  • 7ft Snowy Dorchester Pine Artificial Christmas tree
  • 7ft Alta Spruce Artificial Christmas tree
  • 7ft Georgetown Fir Artificial Christmas Tree
  • 7ft Pre-lit snowy Dorchester Pine Artificial Christmas Tree
  • 7ft Frasier Grande Fir Artificial Christmas Tree
  • 7ft Pre-lit Bayberry Spruce Slim Artificial Christmas Tree

Things to know before buying a 7ft artificial Christmas tree 

  • Consider using 700 mini lights for incandescent bulbs
  • Consider using 500 mini lights for LED bulbs 
  • Consider using 70 ornaments for your 7ft artificial Christmas tree 
  • Make use of 63 feet of matching garland for a 7ft artificial Christmas tree 
  • Ensure your 7ft artificial Christmas tree has a sturdy base and a metal stand 

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