Beautiful fireplace decorations for Christmas

 It is Christmas, and you have done an excellent job bringing in the Christmas tree, decorating your front door, your hallway, the rooms, and other parts of the house, but you have no idea what to do with your fireplace? Fortunately, we’ve brought some help your way. You could transform your fireplace with the most straightforward hacks this Christmas. Here are a few ideas for you.

1. Use wreaths 

      There’s so much transformation you can achieve with the use of two or three wreaths. Get your wreaths, but make sure they are all spiced up in red, then place them one side by side on top of your fireplace. The transformation would be immediate.

2. Use some stockings

     Three or four stockings hanging from the top of your fireplace will look good. You can spice things up a little by inscribing the names of each family member on the socks; each person has a stocking representing them in the fireplace. You could mix the colors, but the red color is a complete yes. 

3. A massive star and the Christmas tree

     Who says your Christmas tree has to be the centerpiece? You could decorate the whole living room in a way that every other decorative piece draws attention to the fireplace. Placing the Christmas tree by the fire would achieve this effect. You could take it a step further, place a tremendous start above the fireplace. That fireplace will be drawing more than a little attention this Christmas. 

4. Use garlands

    A Christmas garland across the mantel will do a great job beautifying your fireplace. Go creative with the garland; you could attach some other decorative items to it, berries, balls, or an even combination of red and white. You can even go ahead to light it.

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