Christmas in Goa

As compared to other religions in India, the number of people that identify as Christians are rather small in population, hence, Christmas is quite a small festival in the country. Mumbai has the largest Christian community in India and many of the Christians in Mumbai are Roman Catholics. Also, some states in the east of India have a sizeable number of Christians too which makes Christmas in Goa really special.

For Catholics here, midnight mass is a very important service. At this service, there is by and large a massive feast of different delicacies, and giving and receiving of gifts. On Christmas eve, the churches are decorated with poinsettia flowers and candles for the midnight service.

As opposed to having a traditional Christmas tree, a mango tree or a banana tree is decorated. Also, It is not uncommon to find Christian folks using banana trees to decorate their homes. As popular as the Christmas tree is the rich fruit cake. 

Christians in Goa love to celebrate Christmas! Goa has lots of ‘western’ customs as part of their Christmas. The main Christmas meal is western, with roast turkey or chicken being the popular option. The meal is eaten on Christmas eve, so after the meal, people find their way to church for the midnight mass.

Christmas in Goa is something you don’t want to miss, it has to be one of the main attractions during the holiday season

After the service, to announce that Christmas day has arrived, the church rings a bell. Many Christians in Goa also celebrate Epiphany and remember the Wise Men visiting Jesus. Christians in Mumbai use many Christmas traditions from Goa including the star lanterns and manger scenes.

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