Everything that makes Christmas so special: The sights, sound, and smell

Christmas is great, no matter the year. It comes along with so many characters, a whole different scenery and of course the precious, old carols. Year after year, people put lots of effort into celebrating Christmas so that an entirely different atmosphere prevails at Christmas. The atmosphere, of course, works so well on the mood of people.

What are the things that make Christmas so unique? Let’s talk about a few:

1. The sights

Have you woken up to a Christmas tree standing right in your neighbor’s yard? Do you remember how you felt afterward? That jolly feeling, that sense of celebration, that’s the Christmas feeling. Lights in the department stores you visit, various offices with Christmas trees welcoming their clients, the Christmas lights in your living room, the stockings, the ornaments adorning your Christmas tree. Everything you see at this time screams Christmas.

2. The sounds

You open the door to a store, and the ding-dong sound of a bell seems to be saying welcome, you know, without doubts that it’s Christmas. The Carol songs that seem to be everywhere at this time brings so many memories of previous Christmas celebrations. 

3. The smell

Christmas comes with such magnificent scenery, such as the snowy weather and the fresh scent right after. We are not about to forget in a hurry the aroma of different cookies, cakes, and great dishes as the air sends them from the kitchen to the dining area. 

4. The parties and the fun

Christmas comes with lots of parties, and you get to attend them with the people you love, which makes them all the more fun. The games, the dances, the Carol songs, the memories we relive, the ones we create, all these continue to guard how special Christmas is to us. 

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