Felt Christmas Tree



First off I want to shout out to my girl Rachel of solandrachel.com for this awesome craft. Christmas is just not the same without it! Usually, my kids are running all over the house getting into mischief, and messing around with the tree. But ever since this felt Christmas tree craft came into my life, it has helped me make sure my tree is intact before and after holidays are over as well as give my children something super cute to play with while I tidy up and bake!


  • Felt. And LOTS of it.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Double Sided tape
  • Glitter (Optional)


  1. Cut out a tree as best as you can (and if you need help with that, heres a print out of a tree stencil that can guide you through)
  2. Cut out a bunch of squares of all sizes to later be the gifts
  3. Cut out bow shapes and ribbon as shown in the photo listed above.
  4. Cut out ornaments and lights and honestly, WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE! GET CREATIVE WITH IT!
  5. Paste all the cut outs on the tree and use your double sided tape to stick the tree to your wall

and most importantly, have fun!

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