Appetizer Tree

Appetizer Tree


  • plate or cake stand
  • styrofoam cone (the larger the party, the larger the cone)-found here
  • tooth picks & a little shot glass for used tooth picks
  • plastic wrap
  • olives, pickles, cheese cubes , ham cubes or rolls, tomatoes, etc. (I used artichokes on the other one, use what you have.)


  1. Wrap cone in plastic wrap so your food doesn’t touch the cone.
  2. Get all your ingredients out, and cut the cheese/ham into cubes.
  3. You can start at the top or the bottom, and you can insert the food any way you like.
  4. I did notice my second tree looked better when I did the same ingredient in rows. So if you have the time, it’s better to do it that way.
  5. Also, it’s important to have in mind that you want to keep it varied… Put each toothpick and piece of food in a very random order to achieve the pretty color pattern

Have fun! Thank you!

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