Artificial Christmas garland fireplace ideas

Artificial Christmas garland fireplace ideas

      It’s Christmas again, and the preparations haven’t begun yet. No Christmas preparation is complete without the decorations. Everywhere has to receive a beautiful Christmas touch. The fireplace is no exception. How do you make it so gorgeous that even you can hardly recognize it? A single artificial garland can come to the rescue. Fortunately, garlands come in different forms, and there’s so much you can do with a single piece. Here’s how. 

1. Green garlands

      You could make a piece of green artificial Christmas garlands. It is a classic choice and beautiful. Just place it around the mantel and have it drape over the fireplace. It’s a different look for your fireplace immediately. 

2. Garlands with ornaments

       A few pieces of ornaments on your garland would make a huge difference. Add some ornamental balls to your garland. You could have a single color, preferably gold. If not, you could have a mixture of different shades of balls or different colors on each ball. Whatever hour choice is, a pop of color or monochrome, your fireplace is sure to reveal your efforts. 

3. Garlands with a bow

     A single colossal bow would do an excellent job transforming both that garland and your fireplace. Drape the garlands by the side of the mantel. Then place the bow right at the center of the fire. It would do well at an angle too. Be sure to use a large bow. You can choose any color you prefer, but red would do your fireplace a lot of justice. 

4. Flocked garland 

      You can choose to flock your garland. Lay your flocked garland carefully along the mantel, and watch your fireplace come alive. It is a beautiful mixture of fire and snow. It will make the season come alive right in your room. You can go ahead to add some lights to the garland too.

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