Christmas and the spirit of giving

Christianity is founded on the strong belief and faith in the birth, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ. This first event in this chronology is the birth of Jesus and that is what we celebrate when we celebrate Christmas.

Although the advent of Christmas celebration has pagan history, Christians all over the world have adopted the celebration and observe it in celebration of the day that Christ was born.

All through Jesus’ stay on earth, he taught love and lived a life of love. Little wonder during Christmas season, there is usually an overflow of love.

One of the most important commandments of Jesus to his followers was for them to love their neighbors as much as they loved themselves.

This is a common practice among Christian folk. During Christmas however, the expressiveness of love is usually overwhelming.

This show of love is evident in the numerous gifts that are exchanged, the feasts that are held among the brethren, the charitable giving that even extend to strangers. 

A Christians life is a life of love; the faith Was founded on love, the love of God for the world that made him send his only begotten Son to the world for the sake of men.

So as a Christian, you should live to show love, even to people that you perceive do not love you.

Christmas comes with the opportunity to show this kind of exceedingly abundant love. Don’t miss that opportunity this Christmas, go out and spread the love. Peace be to you!

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