Christmas love is what we are about

Christmas is a season of love and of giving. This is a general consensus all of the worlds.  The holiday season comes with our usual erecting of Christmas trees, decorations, lights, ornaments, good cheer, a lot of eating and drinking, gifts, cards and different rituals that depicts Christmas. 

The decorations go beyond homes to every street and corner. This goes to show how brightened up we want our environment to be during this period. A lot of work is put into making everywhere shine and come alive during the festive season, after all, the season comes with a lot of excitement and appeal; there are a lot of events and activities to look forward to.

But have you ever stopped to think that there are people out there who do not share the same level of excitement about the period with you? In fact, they have nothing to look forward to. They have no loved ones, no family, no home and often time, no hope.

We all agree that this is a season of love. It would not be out of the scope of the season if, in the spirit of love, we find people like this to comfort them and show them some love, affection, and compassion this Christmas. This way, we wouldn’t be brightening up just our homes and streets but also the minds of fellow humans.

I don’t know how you’d prefer to go about yours, but the main charge is to put a smile on the face of a stranger in despair this holiday. Merry Christmas!

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