Christmas carols are a great way to get in the spirit

Christmas carols for many is a big part of the Christmas experience. The whole set from the choir, to the selection of songs, just send a chill down the spines of people.

Christmas songs are not like other songs, in all of my years in this world, I am yet to come across a bad Christmas carol, whether classic or not.  

Singing of carols has become a common Christmas Eve tradition in churches all over the world, regardless of whether the songs originated in a pagan or Christian setting.

Carols were sung first in native languages in the 13th century, encouraged by St Francis of Assisi. But it was not until another 600 years that the singing of songs in church for Christmas celebration became a tradition.

Some of the songs make us dance, some make us reminisce about our childhood, others just bring us pure joy. Christmas carol and their lyrics have an interesting history. Throughout history, people have gathered in towns and villages, singing songs in order to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Today Christmas carols are merriment songs that were sung during Christmas. Many of these songs tell a tale about the birth of Jesus. Other Christmas carols are about Christmas traditions of exchanging gifts, traditional foods and drinks, the ringing of church bells to announce the beginning and end of Christmas service.

Carols are still enjoyed today and will be for a very long time. If you haven’t been to a carol before, I urge you to attend one this Christmas, I can almost assure you of a mind-blowing experience.

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