Frequently Asked Questions about Prelit Christmas Trees

The world of artificial Christmas trees is full of options. And one of these options is the prelit Christmas trees that are on the market. These trees are going to have the lights already on them once they are put together, making decorating even easier than it was before. And you still have your option of how the tree will look like as various types of trees are offering the prelit options. With this being said, many people have questions about these trees that need to be answered in order to determine if a prelit Christmas tree is the best option for you!

Will the bulbs last for the life of the tree?

In most situations, an artificial Christmas tree can last for ten to fifteen years. While the lights on a prelit Christmas trees are good, they may not last the entire fifteen years that the tree does. When this happens, most people simply put on their own lights or decide to get a new tree. Most prelit trees find that the lights last for at least five years, if not longer.

Is there a fire hazard with these prelit trees?

No! These are made with safety regulations in mind and when they are used properly, they are not going to be a fire hazard. For those who have this worry, they need to realize that today’s lights are not burning as hot as they were ten or twenty years ago.

If one light burns out, is the whole strand ruined?

No! These prelit trees are designed so that if one light bulb was to blow, the strand will still work. You will simply have one light bulb not working that you can replace on your own.

Are there options in color of lights?

Yes! While most prelit Christmas trees are going to come with the clear lights, there are those out there that also offer the multicolored options. You will need to decide which one is the best option for you.

Can you add more lights to these trees?

While the prelit trees are going to have the number of lights that is recommended for that size of tree, many people wonder if they can add more. And yes, you can. However, be aware that you are not overloading your outlets by putting on more lights, as this is something that you will have to determine on your own. Most people find that the lights that are on these prelit trees is more than enough!