Funky Cork Wreath

You’re probably here checking this DIY cork wreath project because you either are a DRUNKARD/WINO who doesn’t know what to do with the handfuls of corks all over your house, or you’re a hipster looking for a unique wreath that’ll be the ice breaker at your dinner party during holidays.


Whatever the case is, lets get to making your AWESOME wreath!

Take about 22 corks the same size and and 22 small (3/8 of an inch) red bells bought from a crafts store, like Joann’s or any store where DIY junkies hang out ;). Drill a small hole (just big enough to fit your wire through) 1/4 of an inch from the top of each cork and another 1/4 of an inch from the bottom. It’s really important to make sure all the drilled holes at the top line up with the holes at the bottom. Using long, green floral wire, push the wire through all the bottom holes of the corks. Leave enough wire at both ends when finished for tying closed later. Cut another long piece of floral wire to string the tops of the corks together, alternating with the bells. Tie ends of wire at the top and bottom, twisting to close and make a wreath shape. Hang with length of ribbon.

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