Santa Chair Covers





-11⁄2 yd. Red fleece (makes 2 chair covers)

-Basic sewing supplies


-3 yds. Boa or white fur trim

-Sewing machine


-Red thread

-Pattern paper

-Fabric glue


  1. Measure width and depth of chair back. Add 2″ to width for seam allowance and ease
  2. To create pattern: On pattern paper, use width measurement plus 2″ (from step 1). 30″ high at center”; straight sides at 13” – more if the chair back is particularly tall  These measurements include a 1/2″ seam allowance
  3. Use pattern to cut four fleece pieces.
  4. With right sides facing each other, sew two hat pieces together along the straightand angled sides. Trim corners and turn
  5. Sew 2″ hem at bottom
  6. Glue trim on bottom of hat
  7. For the pompom, cut a 12″ piece of boa, fold in half, tie a loose knot, then sewor glue ends of the knot together. Sew or glue pompom to point of hat.

This craft is sure to keep your guests sitting in your chairs for hours and hours. Your party will never end!

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