Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees



  • Paper Mache Christmas Tree form
  • Plastic Spoons
  • Spray Paint
  • Hot Glue


  1. I started by buying bunches of spoons from Target (equally god from the Dollar Store, but cheap where ever you go), then cut the tops off. I tried just breaking them off, but lots of the split.
  2. Once I had about 100 cut, I layed them outside on paper face down and sprayed them with a variety of different spray paints. I didn’t want it to be even so Krylon (usually crappy and uneven) worked great to give texture.
  3. I did the back first to practice my technique and perfect the coloring. I ended up using a combination of two browns, chalkboard black, and gold.
  4. After they were all dry, I began gluing them onto the paper mache form starting at the bottom using hot glue.
  5. I varied the spacing on the different layers so that the spoons alternated on the layers. And I kept on working my way up to the top til it was done! Super EASY!!


Christmas trees are the best way to celebrate


Shoutout to for this funky craft!

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