Gingerbread Puppet



Special thanks to for this super cute puppet craft!


  • White drawing paper (25cm x 35cm)
  • a selection of colored construction paper
  • scissors
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Oil pastels
  • Brown lunch bags
  • White plastic glue



  1. Show how to draw a gingerbread man’s face on white or colored paper.
  2. Show how to draw the eyes, mouth and overalls.
  3. Cut out the various parts.
  4. Demonstrate blending oil pastels, and repeat colors throughout the composition.
  5. Add buttons and trim. Decorate with all kinds of fabric remnants.


  1. Put hand in brown paper bag so that can open and close the bottom.

2. Glue head on to the bottom of bag. Glue the overalls under the head.

3. Add all the other gingerbread body parts.

4. With especially fast workers, I have them color in the back of the gingerbread man while other art students finish up.


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